Monday, February 8, 2010

Colorado Bagels

First, I must mention that bakers are altitude challenged in Colorado. Here are a few reviews of Michel's Bakery bagels from Avon:

This is Meagan. She rates the bagel as "very good, an 8 because of texture and it needs a tomato". The available 'goes withs' are important.

This is Ashley. She rates it as a 7.5 because, "It's big". Apparently size matters.

This is Rachel. She is enjoying a "virtual bagel".

All of us agreed that Philadelphia cream cheese is the topping of choice.


  1. Excellent review, ladies. The virtual bagel is not my style, sorry Rach, and size is a new concept. I'll have to consider that in my baking.

    Thanks for contributing, keep eating Bagels!

  2. Ashley was pretty clear about size. She also wanted it noted that she hated Bagel Factory bagels because they are small.