Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coach and Dutchy's First Bagel Tasting

Barry and I drove our bikes to the Blue Dolphin on the Gulf of Mexico Drive. We would have brought Flossie except she only eats a Waffle w/o powdered sugar there and that's it!
So we sat down .. got coffee... and I asked if the bagels were fresh... she said she thinks so and the I asked where they got them ..she said she thinks St Armands Bakery ( never saw a bakery in St Armands)
Barry ordered eggs and an everything bagel and fruit as his side ( watching his waist)
I ordered very specifically an everything bagel very dark and asked him to put it thru the toaster a few times with cream cheese, swiss cheese, tomato and red onion.
I got my bagel which was barely toasted- why can't people burn it like I asked - it's an ongoing
As soon as I tasted the bagel Barry and I agreed it was not fresh but FROZEN and had very few
everythings on it.
As the waitress walked by I asked politely... are u sure these are fresh- she had to go check
and as we suspected the Bagels are from Sysco (frozen food company) made by a company
called New York Bagels and sent in half baked and the store has to bake them the rest of the way. I think New York Bagels is probably located in Sri Lanka like the rest of things we
get in America.
As Rachel said the best part of any bagel is what is on top ... and we did eat the bagels.. but
definitely didn't have the bite of a Berwyn Bagel Factory bagel!
Next post will be from Vail Colorado..i hope they don't have frozen bagels!
ps ... we have a little technical difficulty with our picture of the bagel bc Barry took the picture on his blackberry and they are technically incompetent of posting pictures to the superior MAC.


  1. Dutch- That's disappointing to hear about the freshness of your bagels. Sounds like they were half-baked and frozen. Hope Vail has something better to offer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great analysis Mom and Dad!!! Can't wait to see your next critique!!!!