Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cupertino's New York Bagels and Deli

Went to Cupertino's New York Bagels and Deli this morning. Ordered 2 bagels: 1 everything bagel with Lox spread and 1 sesame bagel with veggie cream cheese.

Bagel Freshness and Taste: Bagel was a little chewy, not sure if it was fresh that morning. Bagels were medium in size and more chewy than soft.
Toppings: The lox spread and veggie cream cheese were good.
Price: $2.29 for a bagel with cream cheese and $2.85 for bagel with lox spread.
Experience: Staff was very friendly, very proud of their product and willing to recommend options. The restaurant had seating inside and outside, but was sparsely decorated. Restaurant was not memorable.
Placement: Restaurant was located on Cox Rd. across from Innsbrook business park and next to an apartment complex. Granted it was a Wednesday morning, but shop seemed to be attracting people running in on their way to work, no one was eating in the restaurant. The complex had really bad access, having to drive all the way around the buildings to get in.


  1. I have eaten at Cupertino's quite a few times and find that the bagels are not that exciting; however, they do have a good sandwhich (chicken salad, egg, etc.) It is quite large for a bagel store which takes away from it's "home-y" feeling and exclusivity. There is nothing like a bustling bagel store in the morning where everyone is packed around each other, standing in line, waiting for that yummy sandwhich! I believe that this store lacks character and that "ma and pa" bagel store feeling that is oh-so important. :o)

  2. meg - great feedback! any good bagel shops in philly or baltimore that you can share? feel free to post to the blog for all bagel-lovers to see! thanks again. jamey

  3. Gotta say, though - in Richmond I've found no better bagels than this place. They're the closest thing to the bagels I miss from Jersey.

  4. if you want a new york bagel anywhere in the united states, no place is better then Fresh NY bagels delivered to your doorstep every month. satifies my cravings!!